Sealed Air Launches Film Recycling Program

SADDLE BROOK, N.J.—Sealed Air now provides customers the opportunity to recycle its Fill-Air inflatable packaging film through a convenient mail-in program. Once received at a centralized facility, the deflated Fill-Air cushions are ground up and re-pelletized for use in a variety of products from trash bags to automotive parts, which also can be recycled.

“We received countless calls from customers wanting to know how they can recycle the material,” says David Weiss, business manager for Fill-Air products. “Our Fill-Air film recycling program is a direct response to customer demand.”

Fill-Air film now has a Web site address printed on the product that provides more information on how to recycle the material, how the product is recycled and where the product will be re-used. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, companies are looking for ways to reduce product impact on the environment. Fill-Air inflatable void-fill products expand on-site, reducing warehouse space requirements and associated energy resources. To recycle the material, a person need only deflate the bags by piercing a hole in each bag, fold and place the flattened material inside an envelope or small carton. For more information on the Fill-Air film recycling program, visit or call 1.800.982.6197.

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