Securely Transfer Trays and Kits

Securely Transfer Trays and Kits

Creform Corporation designed and built a series of carts for an automotive manufacturer needing to securely transport compartmented trays of spark plugs to its engine assembly area. The carts are built from Creformfs system of plastic coated steel pipe, joints and accessories. Each cart holds up to 80 of the 28 x 16 spark plug trays and features swing out doors that open on one side for easy load/unload and then latch closed to secure the trays during transport. The cantilevered shelves holding the trays are made with 2-3/8 plastic L-channel, forming an open shelf design for ease of loading/unloading trays while keeping them separated to help prevent part-to-part damage.

The cart design is flexible and easily reconfigured to suit multiple applications. Shelf size, spacing and capacities are adjustable to hold boxes or trays of different heights for sequenced or kitted parts delivery. This allows for a structured sequence for pulling a mix of parts from any level and in any order.

The carts have a 36 x 60 footprint with up to a 300 lb load capacity. They feature four, 5 diameter urethane wheel casters, two with brakes for secure positioning. The carts also feature a hitch for towing by tuggers or AGVs. Carts can be converted into permanent structures by using feet instead of casters.


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