Seegrid Launches AGV Technology for Material Handling

PITTSBURGH—Seegrid Corp., a provider of vision-guided industrial robots, is launching industrial mobile robotics (IMR) technology for the material handling industry.

According to Seegrid, the IMR technology results in “the only industrial mobile robots with the ability to navigate their environment without magnetic tapes, guide wires or lasers.

“The technology provides early-stage capabilities of autonomous robot behavior with sense, move, analyze, interact and repeat capabilities,” the company says, “providing a real difference from today’s AGVs.”

IMR-enabled robots provide “WalkThroughThenWork” capabilities, allowing an operator to instruct the robot along a desired path and add behaviors, such as horns and stop stations.

“Seegrid’s mission is to provide easy-to-deploy perceptive automation solutions that significantly reduce operating costs for manufacturers and distributors,” says Scott Friedman, president and CEO.

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