SeayCo Select-IT is a light directed selection system that offers a 200% improvement over paper picking. Lights and LED displays guide the order picker through the selection process, show the picks with corresponding quantities simultaneously, and then indicate when an order is complete. Additionally, Select-IT records picker accountability. The system also allows the picker to pick from any location. Such zone-less operation can improve pick rates 20-50% over a zoned operation. The SeayCo Select-IT system is easily installed, controlled and maintained.

SeayCo Integrators, based in Conyers, Georgia, has been developing custom software and controls solutions for the material handling industry since 1992. Our new Select-IT solution maximizes the efficiency and accuracy of your order picking and stock replenishment processes, with one of the most advanced and powerful Pick-To-Light systems in the industry. In 2005 we commissioned four new Select-IT systems nationwide.

Select-IT handles and directs selection of product in the pick modules from the time a tote is inducted until the completed tote exits the pick module. Completed totes are routed directly to locations where they are bundled onto pallets or conveyed to the loading dock. In addition, order pickers are tracked according to orders, totes, and current pick locations. This progress can be tracked on a real-time basis via SeayCo’s web-based reporting service. Select-IT also triggers replenishment activities when slots approach a pre-determined refill level and expedites hot orders.

Additional benefits
· Graphical user interface is easy to use and learn even for inexperienced operators.
· Real time and historical reporting capabilities.
· Completed multiple systems each consisting of over 3000 lights.
· PC based system integrates easily with any warehouse management system.
· Bright and easy to read displays and LED lights.
· Each device has onboard diagnostics allowing local verification device operation.
· Modular snap-in BUS design allows very fast installation, quick reconfiguration of pick locations and growth of the system.

Support and Training
SeayCo provides support and training for both the operation of the system and all job functions, from picking, stocking, administration and quality control to maintenance. We provide a complete set of Quick Reference Guides as well as a detailed User Guide. Our support group is available to assist with software and operational issues 24 x 7 x 365.

Supported Environment
Host / WCS interface
RF handheld scanners symbol 9060 scanners.
Barcode printers
MS Windows Server 2003
MS SQL Server 2000

SeayCo Integrators Inc. is a systems integration company serving a wide variety of manufacturing and distribution industries. Check out our website or email [email protected] for more information on Select-IT and our wide range of software automation systems.

Kelly Nelson
SeayCo Integrators, Inc.
Intelligence from Receiving to Shipping
2069A Lake Industrial Court
Conyers, GA 30013
tel (770) 918-8686
fax (770) 922-8512
[email protected]

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