Select Ohio Manufacturers Eligible for Free Technology

CLEVELAND, Ohio—Factivity Inc., a provider of paperless factory floor technology, is offering software at no charge to certain manufacturers in Ohio.

“Companies are struggling to figure out where to invest resources in 2009,” says John Leibert, president of Factivity. “First fuel costs, now the struggling economy, has brought sustainability to the forefront of every manufacturer’s agenda. Sustainability will continue to drive business strategy, corporate value and new products in 2009, and we are looking to support that growth locally.”

This month, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has emphasized energy as important to the state’s economic and environmental health.

Starting this month and throughout 2009, Factivity will provide its software without licensing fees to Ohio-based manufacturing companies that supply parts and products to the renewable energy industry or manufacture energy-efficient, sustainable products.

The company’s “paperless” production control system provides visual control, rate-based measurements, problem identification and process improvement. It often reduces factory-floor documentation used for production control, quality tracking and ISO-9000 controlled documentation distribution.

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