Selecting Warehouse Software from WMS & ERP Providers

Finding the best software is the author's goal in Selecting Warehouse Software from WMS & ERP Providers. This new research and training publication by Philip Obal covers warehouse management software. Ken Ackerman, an expert in warehousing, declares, "For those considering the purchase, or upgrade, of warehouse software, this research report is worth its weight in gold."

The book is intended for those who are searching for warehousing software, also known as warehouse management system (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). The author conveys detailed consulting and integrator knowledge, which will result in better understanding, questions, process re-engineering and implementations.

Both WMS and ERP providers are now providing warehouse software. How can you tell which one is better? Even between the best-of-breed WMS solutions, telling key differences is a challenge. This publication enables you to know the differences to look for.

Selecting Warehouse Software from WMS & ERP Providers covers base functionality to expect, common software differences, functionality deficiencies, comparative WMS vs. ERP analysis, project success tips, request for proposal building, and 7 Steps for the software selection process. A list of warehouse software companies includes Web site and e-mail address.

Included are many diagrams, tables and alerts to educate the reader. Alerts are designated in red with a flag throughout chapters 2 and 3. Most diagrams and tables are in color to help comprehend the information. By following the advice in this book, one will save considerable effort, time and money.

"Selecting Warehouse Software from WMS & ERP Providers" (ISBN 0966934555) costs $149.95.

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