Self-Cleaning Vibratory Conveyor

Self-Cleaning Vibratory Conveyor

Key Technology’s Iso-Glide vibratory conveyor achieves a horizontal-like motion to maximize sanitation while offering gentle handling and quiet operation. It allows processors to experience the continuous self-cleaning benefits of horizontal motion conveying but on an Iso-Flo platform. Product virtually slides along the stainless steel conveyor bed, which prevents the buildup of coatings, oils, and seasonings. By limiting vertical acceleration to almost 1 g, Iso-Glide helps reduce plant-level noise that traditional direct drive or other vibratory conveyors can produce with surface-to-product contact.

Iso-Glide uses an independent, frame-mounted drive and spring arm assemblies that distribute energy equally to all parts of the conveyor bed in a controlled, natural-frequency operation. This operating principle minimizes vibration being transferred to the structural support, reducing the cost of installation and enabling the conveyor to be installed where it is most beneficial – suspended from overhead, supported from the floor, or mounted to other machinery.

Key Technology, Inc.

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