Self-Moving Shuttles

Self-Moving Shuttles

(Derendingen) Montech introduces a solution for the automated connection of the warehouse, based on the transport system Montrac. The solution is particularly interesting for companies looking for a way to link their warehouse with production or other facilities.

The Montrac transport system allows to create a link between warehouse and production, for instance. This application, interesting for companies across several industries, was presented by the Swiss manufacturer at the recent LogiMAT in Stuttgart.

The self-moving shuttles, equipped with a belt for automatic loading and unloading, travel between the warehouse and production area according to the instructions of the central control system, running on a monorail line at a maximum speed of 30 m per minute. When reaching the warehouse, each shuttle is given a task and a destination, just like a taxi. After leaving the warehouse with its load, the shuttle travels to any given area of the production department, where it deposits the required items onto a shelf or workstation.

Back to the warehouse, the shuttle - fully unloaded or carrying an empty container - can be handled at an automated warehouse, an intermediate shelf or a manual workstation to be prepared for a new task.

Proven experience and in-house production
To manufacture the shuttles with integrated belt conveyor, the Swiss company leverages its longstanding experience and used components produced in house, as the belt conveyors are also a Montech product. “Each year, Montech produces and sells over 1,500 shuttles,” said Yves Dicke, Montrac Division Manager. According to Dicke, this results not only into highly competitive prices, but also a warranty of top quality. Dicke: “Also the aluminum monorail that the self-propelled shuttles travel on helps achieve a very interesting price per line meter.”

For more information about the Montrac transport system and the automated warehouse connection, please call +41 32 6815500 or visit

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