Shelf Cart for Pickers

Shelf Cart for Pickers

Creform Corporationfs newest shelf cart is designed for warehouse use and low-volume picking in storage or manufacturing facilities. The carts feature three shelves to store either one or multiple SKUs depending on inventory quantity and package size. Because the shelves feature a solid surface they can also be used for loose or non-packaged parts and components. The open shelf design supports good visual inventory management and is intended to be loaded/unloaded from one side. Additional shelves can also be easily added to the structures.

The cartfs footprint is 50 wide x 32 deep and can hold up to 600 lb. They feature four 6 diameter casters, two with locking brakes, for easy positioning or transporting to the point of use as a kitting cart. The carts can be made stationary by replacing the casters with feet.

Creform Corp.

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