ShipNow launches shipment management solution

ShipNow Inc., a provider of enterprise shipment management solutions, has launched DI-Corporate, a package shipping and receiving product for corporations seeking greater control of inbound and outbound documents and packages. The product provides comprehensive assistance to receive, track, route, document and audit incoming and outgoing packages, payments, orders, correspondence and certified mail.

DI-Corporate is currently being installed in a major financial services firm with 30,000 employees, 65 offices, and 8 centralized receiving facilities. All employees of the firm will be able to access DI-Corporate from any of the firm's desktop computers via web interface. Users will be able to ship parcels to anywhere in the world through an easy-to-use interface that will recommend the most cost-efficient carrier service.

The system automatically analyzes all available carrier services, finding the most cost-efficient way to send the package. And as part of this decision-making process, the system takes into consideration all negotiated contract rates with the carriers in order to take full advantages of negotiated carrier discounts.

On the receiving side, hand-held devices document incoming packages, certified mail and other sensitive items. The devices also capture electronic signatures and provide routing information. The system also routes internal mail. The resulting information is captured in the corporation's preferred database and is available for management reports or auditing when necessary.

DI-Corporate's out-bound system is based on ShipNow's DI Server multi-carrier parcel shipping system. In addition to shipping from the most cost-effective carrier service, including internal couriers, DI-Corporate provides corporations greater control over the office use of express shipping. For instance, it features integrated reporting by user and cost center. DI-Corporate also features internal tracking control, including electronic signature capture on internal delivery.


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