Shipper Manager 2.0 Now Includes UPS Online Tools

Scottsdale, AZ - TrueShip™ announced today improved customer service functionality with the integration of UPS Online tools.

Critical shipment data, and the tools to track and project the time in transit for any shipment, are now integrated into the same interface. This powerful combination will positively impact customer service costs by putting the right tools in front of the user, reducing customer call times and saving money.

UPS OnLine® Tools add a new level of customer service and functionality to a company's enterprise on a global scale. As an integral part of the software, Shipping Manager now offers customers the following UPS Tools and benefits:

UPS Tracking provides shipping status reports to online customers. Customers can determine status of their shipments, including the time and location of each scan as the package moves toward its final destination.

UPS Time in Transit displays all available UPS shipping services within the United States, with their associated scheduled delivery time, date and days in transit. This tool also provides the city and state names associated with the origin or destination postal codes.

About Shipping Manager 2.0

Shipping Manager, by TrueShip, is a fulfillment efficiency tool created just for UPS® customers.

Shipping Manager automates forms processing by creating an all-in-one shipping document from any version of UPS OnLine® WorldShip®. This document combines a packing list with a UPS compliant shipping label into a single, efficient, form. Every shipment is saved in detail as a PDF file and can easily be looked up, reprinted, or emailed from Shipping Manager’s user-friendly interface.

Shipping Manger greatly streamlines the shipping process by expediting fulfillment times, and reducing back office errors. The results save money by reducing the costs of inaccurate shipments and returns.

TrueShip, LLC is a Scottsdale, Arizona based company focused on delivering affordable shipping solutions that add value and efficiency for UPS customers, without disrupting their current processes. For more information, visit

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