Shipping Tubes

Hartsville, S.C. - Spiral-wound shipping tubes from Sonoco, the world's largest producer of tubes and cores, give gun and gun barrel manufacturers, gun assemblers and sporting goods distributors a durable, convenient alternative to traditional square or triangular packaging when shipping gun barrels.

Made from recycled fiber, completely recyclable, water-resistant and engineered for superior product protection and packing efficiency, Sonoco paperboard shipping tubes offer significant crush resistance and help reduce product returns. One-step, self-locking Twist-and-Pull(TM) end caps come standard with Sonoco shipping tubes, eliminating the need for package assembly, tape and staples and reducing packaging costs. Approved by UPS and other major shipping firms, the durable shipping tubes are ideal for long-term storage and are more convenient than traditional packaging for multiple product shipments and can easily accommodate additional protective packaging or promotional inserts inside. The cost to ship a gun barrel in a Sonoco shipping tube is comparable to sending it in a corrugated box.

"Consumers and businesses who order gun barrels expect them to arrive the same way they left the shipping dock-undamaged," said John Colyer, division vice president, Industrial Products North America. "Not only do Sonoco shipping tubes help make sure that's what happens, they also deliver the product in a very professional looking package."

Sonoco shipping tubes are available in from 2 inch to 6 inch diameters and in lengths from 12 inches to 36 feet. Tamper-free, muzzle-protecting and square locking end caps are also available.

For more information about using recyclable shipping tubes for gun barrels, contact John Swift at 843/339-6924 or visit

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