SI Systems Forms DC Diagnostics Consulting Group

SI Systems (Easton, Pa.) formed DC Diagnostics, a team of specialists to help distribution centers identify and remedy operational inefficiencies. The group is comprised of a number of the industry’s leading experts in high-speed automation who will utilize SI’s proprietary technologies to pinpoint ways that distribution centers can achieve total peak performance.

DC Diagnostics will be led by Jack Lehr, SI’s vice president, who explains that, “All of the recent performance benchmark studies validate that at least 80% percent of all distribution centers operate well below their potential. This illustrates the high market demand to improve performance. We have the talent, the tools, and the resources to make a substantial impact and we are committed to continue to invest in ourselves and our customers to be the best at what we do.” Jack Lehr, is the former president of Genesys Systems. He has 25 years of industry experience including tenure as a Managing Partner of Novare-Solutions and various positions at W&H Systems.

SI Systems’ new CEO, Joel Hoffner, says, “This group is a natural evolution in our long-history of engineering innovation to improve all aspects of distribution center performance. Every DC has unique needs that may or may not be the right fit for our equipment and software solutions. Having DC Diagnostics stand alone and investing in the right resources will ensure that we apply the right processes and engage the right partners with proven, application-specific remedies.”

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