ATLANTA - Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. today announced the introduction of the all new High Speed Diverter (HSD) II. The SIBAG HSD II is a global model that combines the best features of previous Siemens' diverter models to increase performance and reliability while reducing maintenance requirements.

With a variable frequency drive for the vertical paddle belts and a powerful servo motor for paddle positioning, the HSD II is able to achieve higher throughput at lower conveyor speeds. The integrated variable frequency drive provides simple speed adjustments, which improves control over product orientation. The servo paddle positioning drive enables easy handling of 132 pound (60 kg) products at high speeds.

The SIBAG HSD II features a simple two link positioning mechanism. The links are configured to eliminate the need for maintenance under the unit, which reduces the overall installation height.

Building on the success of previous Siemens' diverter models, the SIBAG HSD II includes the following standard design features:
o Robust, heavy steel design.
o Same 72" [1829mm] length. Same 12" [305mm] depth.
o Rated for up to 80 bags per minute at 380 ft/min [1.93 m/s].
o Roller transition plate, full mechanism guarding, and area safety guard included.
o Integral bed section with belt return roller.

The new SIBAG HSD II has been designed as the only sortation device required throughout any bag or parcel system, new or existing. It is ideally suited as a pusher replacement device or as a direct bolt-in replacement for older model HSD's.

In parcel / package applications in sort and distribution facilities it offers an inexpensive introduction of automated sortation with minimal changes to existing conveyor layouts.

For more information on the new SIBAG HSD II from Siemens, log onto: or send an e-mail to [email protected].

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