Side-tilting Fork

(BROADVIEW, IL.) Interthor has released a Side-tilting Fork feature to its Interthor Electric line for emptying boxes or tilting them for easy reach. The Side-tilting Fork can be fitted to Interthor’s Electric products with a single mast commonly used for stacking, transporting, handling and lifting different kinds of goods.

The Side-tilting Forks make it possible to solve many different applications when boxes are to be emptied in a work environment. The turning angle is adjustable and the Side-tilting Forks can provide easier access to emptying of boxes and crates.

“This application has been a great solution in the pharmaceutical industry,” said Richard Kopacz, president of Interthor. “Boxes with small components need to be emptied into other boxes for further treatment.”

From an ergonomic standpoint, when emptying or filling a box, it is not enough to make sure the top edge of the container is in a good working height. The angle of the container also must allow the employee to reach in without bending their back. The back needs to work in its intermediate position and the distance to the objects stay as short as possible from the back and shoulders. The combination of the Interthor unit with the Side-tilting Fork makes it possible to tilt a box into a good working position for the back by changing the tilt degree when filling or emptying the box. The employee can then get the closest possible distance to the objects and the least possible strain of his back and shoulders.

• Optimum Ergonomics
o The user can reach the contents without stretching
o The user can adjust the box to their correct working height
• Turning angle can be set from 0 to 180° to each side
• Safety Switch to turn off the tilt function when the forks are more than 35.4” or less than 10” above the floor and prevents the forks from lifting higher than 35.4” when tilted
• Remote control for the tilting function
• Special configurations for a maximum box width of 55”

View an animated demonstration of the Side-tilting Fork at work, visit

Contact Interthor at 708-345-1270 or visit

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