Siemens Awarded Contract For Jetblue Airways Baggage Handling System

Turner Construction (New York) awarded Siemens Energy & Automation’s Airport Logistics Division a $28 million contract to design and build a baggage handling and inline security system for JetBlue Airways’ new Terminal 5 at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The $740 million project includes a completely new, 635,000 sq. ft., 26-gate terminal with the capacity to serve 20 million passengers annually. The expansion project is slated for completion in the first quarter of 2009.

Siemens will provide more than 15,000 feet of conveyor for four ticket counter take-away conveyor systems, two curbside check-in conveyor systems, two oversize conveyor lines, cross-over conveyor equipment and six slope plate carousels. Additionally, Siemens will supply an in-line security system that can incorporate 10 explosive detection systems. Kennedy Airport served nearly 41 million passengers in 2005 on over 349,000 international and domestic flights. JetBlue Airways was the airport’s highest-ranking domestic carrier, responsible for more than 44% of all domestic passengers flying in and out of the airport. Overall, in 2005, JetBlue carried almost 15 million passengers, representing a 25% increase in passenger traffic over 2004.

Source: Siemens Energy & Automation.

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