Siemens Joins Trading Partner Connect

In a push to offer customers more flexibility and drive down the cost of doing business, Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. (SE&A), a manufacturer of electrical, engineering, and automation solutions and products, has partnered with Prophet 21 to become a member of Trading Partner Connect.

Prophet 21 provides distributors with technology solutions that help them increase sales, improve customer service, and reduce operating costs. Trading Partner Connect is an Internet trading network that streamlines the commerce process between distributors, their manufacturers/suppliers, and end-users.

"Prophet 21 is thrilled to welcome Siemens as a member of Trading Partner Connect," said Chuck Boyle, president and CEO of Prophet 21. "We are confident that as they look to streamline their processes with distributors, Siemens will find Trading Partner Connect and its partnership with Prophet 21 to be invaluable resources."

Mark DiNunzio, director of sales technology at SE&A, explained that Trading Partner Connect lowers transaction costs for distributors and manufacturers, which results in better business relationships -- and better business.

Chip Yonkee, manager of e-Business at SE&A, knows customers benefit in other ways from the Siemens-Prophet 21 partnership. Prior to Trading Partner Connect and other e-commerce initiatives, Siemens received most channel partners' orders via fax. "Faxed orders adversely impact ordering speed and accuracy. With Trading Partner Connect, that risk is eliminated," said Yonkee.

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