Sigma Series

New Castle, Delaware, Sky-Trax Incorporated is pleased to announce the official commercial release of their next generation Optical Position Sensors (OPS) and Optical Label Readers (OLR); the Sigma Series OPS and OLR. This next generation family of sensors features high speed processing and high resolution imaging for improved performance, higher data transmission rates and greater accuracy.

As the primary components of the Sky-Trax System - a revolutionary product for inch-accurate tracking indoor industrial vehicles - and Skan-Free System - an automated data collection tool for accurate inventory tracking - the Sigma Series OPS and OLR sensors are engineered for speed and harsh environments. Capable of operation in areas of high dust, high moisture and in climate controlled areas with large temperature variations, the Sigma Series sensors are equipped with an environmentally sealed case for dust and water protection, an optional heater for temperature stabilization, and a condensation protected window rated for use in cold storage areas.

In addition to outstanding indoor performance, Sigma Series sensors will tolerate outdoor exposure to wind, dust, rain, and fog.

For more information about our Sigma Series Sensors, please contact a Sky-Trax Sales Representative at 866-927-4927 or [email protected].

For more information, please visit

Sarah Sagin
302-395-9540 x807

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