SImon is an Automatic Guided Cart (AGC). An AGC is smaller, more compact, and less expensive than an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), but capable of performing similar transport tasks with a smaller footprint. Battery operated with an optical guided system makes SImon easier to install, and the project payback much faster.

SImon, with its unique control features, can perform simple from/to transport tasks as well as complex routing assignments, such as sideways, diagonal, or rotational movements up to 360 degrees. SImon is programmable and configurable to travel where you want. Give SImon the tasks to perform — pick-up or deliver loads, slow-down or speed-up, reverse, or make a complete about-face.

SImon is an ideal alternative to conventional package or pallet conveyor, power and free, monorail, or fork trucks. SImon is simply providing a revolutionary way to transport loads and is aligned with lean manufacturing and flexible distributions objectives.

Quick SImon Facts:
• Affordable
• Battery operated
• Optical Guidance System
• Flexible
• Compact
• Onboard Set-up
• Solitary or Fleet
• Point-to-Point or Route-Driven
• Stand-Alone or WIFI
• 360° Rotations
• Reverse
• Customizable

Call today and learn how SImon can deliver revolutionary technology to your material transport requirements.

600 Kuebler Road
Easton, PA 18040 USA
Phone: 610-252-7321
Toll Free: 800-523-9464
FAX: 610-252-3102
email: [email protected]

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