EASTON, PA - SI SYSTEMS and AutoCraft signed a multiyear agreement giving SI SYSTEMS rights to the SImon cart and its state of the art technology. SI SYSTEMS today announced the introduction of SImon, (SI Mobile Onboard Navigation) an Automated Guided Cart (AGC). SImon is a smaller, more compact and less expensive than Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) technology but capable of performing similar transport tasks with a smaller footprint. SImon is a battery operated optical guided system capable of performing from/to transport tasks as well as complex routing assignments such as sideways, diagonal or rotational movements up to 360 degrees. Give SImon a task to perform; pick up or deliver loads, slow down or speed up, reverse or make a complete about face.

"We believe Automated Guided Cart technology in general and our branded SImon in particularly is revolutionary technology. It is simple but smart, easy to install and provides a faster payback,ā€ said SI SYSTEMS President & COO William Casey. ā€œ I firmly believe SImon will be a breakthrough product for the material handling industry in both manufacturing as well as distribution applications.ā€ SImon will be exhibited during the ProMat09 show in Chicago, Il Jan 12th 15th 2009

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