Simplified Palletizer Deployment

Simplified Palletizer Deployment

Intelligrated’s Alvey PLC-controlled robotic palletizer uses a common programmable logic controller (PLC) platform, offering an alternative to proprietary robot controllers. This can improve line integration, response time and overall productivity while reducing operator and maintenance training.

This palletizer can be deployed while maintaining another control platform, streamlining complex control communication, reducing critical response time and minimizing changeover delays. Users have the flexibility to choose a control platform, whether PLC or traditional, that best fits their specific application and needs.

Personnel can program the palletizer via Intelligrated’s intuitive touch-screen interface, while maintenance staff can service it using common spare parts already on hand, reducing inventory costs and downtime. Intelligrated’s PLC control provides a compact footprint by eliminating the need for additional control cabinets for each robotic application.


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