Single-Double Pallet Handler

Single-Double Pallet Handler

PORTLAND, OR. USA – Cascade Corporation has improved pallet-handling operations with the introduction of a new Single-Double High Visibility attachment. Single-Doubles, consistently one of the most popular attachments in the materials-handling industry, are so named because they claim the ability to handle either a single pallet or two pallets side by side. Double load handling means fewer trips, which in turn doubles productivity and improves operator efficiency.

Cascade’s new Single-Double Pallet Handler includes a superior, high-visibility window, which increased driver line of sight 60% over its previous model. Other valuable features designed to maximize service life, reduce damage and minimize downtime include: an inner fork sequence mechanism that ensures smooth fork movement. A true hydraulic flow divider provides fast uniform fork motion that is compatible with all lift truck hydraulic systems. A dual mounting design allows for simple conversion between class 2 and 3 mountings. Plus the revolutionary bearing material makes this unit the most durable multiple pallet handler in the industry.

Cascade’s commitment to pursuing the latest innovations extends beyond the introduction of the new Single-Double into their full product line of materials-handling equipment. This includes a range of forklift attachments, forks and more. Cascade continuously strives for cutting-edge technology that will improve customer output, productivity, efficiency and safety.

Cascade Corporation is the recognized global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of materials handling equipment and associate research and technologies. Cascade’s multiple world locations ensure their unique ability to provide global solutions, yet local support and service. Cascade’s superior damage reduction capabilities, quality products, and flexible manufacturing secure its position as the premier supplier to the material handling industry and sets them apart from the competition.

For more information contact Cecily Williams
Phone: 503-669-6714

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