Sky-Trax Has a New Board of Directors

NEW CASTLE, Del.—The company offers optical real-time location systems used for tracking goods, vehicles and guiding autonomous vehicles in facilities. Its location tracking and automatic data collection systems are used primarily for industrial vehicles, mostly within warehouses.

Elected chairman of the board is William L. Conley Jr., currently CEO of The Bondurant Group. He is an expert in global logistics and supply chain management. Before joining Bondurant, Conley was president of ATC Logistics & Electronics, where he was responsible for the overall leadership and management of the $380 million supply chain services company.

Founder and Managing Director of The Lawrence Bradford Group, Lawrence B. Costello has joined the Sky-Trax board. A nationally recognized expert in human relations, Costello currently consults on a variety of issues and topics, providing human capital solutions to private and public companies globally.

Another new Board member is Robert S. Levin, founder and president of Republic Partners Inc. Prior to founding his current company, Levin worked with Bankers Trust—now Deutsche Bank—as a generalist in corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions. He currently performs those activities for the logistics industry.

Re-elected to the 2009 board include James K. Adams II from GENCO Supply Chain Solutions, a third-party supply chain management company. Also re-elected is Larry G. Mahan, president, COO and founder of Sky-Trax.

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