Slide shelf rack

Sturtevant, WI - In keeping with developing safe, ergonomic, innovative material handling products Topper Industrial introduces the slide shelf rack. The slide shelf rack allows an operator to unload an entire rack from one side eliminating the need to rotate a shelf rack. The Topper Industrial slide shelf rack is constructed with non-rusting roller mechanisms which improve the life and durability of the equipment. To allow more room for commodities, light-weight, thin trays are used. The slide shelf rack comes in many standard sizes but is often designed to meet specific requirements depending on the commodity and assembly application.

Topper Industrial is a leading material handling equipment manufacturer with an emphasis on safe, fork truck free environments. Topper Industrial products are widely used within the automotive industry and are changing the way material is moved within an assembly plant. Topper Industrial designs custom material handling solutions for a variety of world class manufacturers, from one cart to an entire production facility.

Jim Klenke
Topper Industrial
[email protected]

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