Slot Lock Container

The new Slot Lock Container (SLC) is extremely fast and easy to assemble! No nails, screws, or staples are required for assembly. The SLC has no loose fasteners and is light weight when compared to other wooden boxes and crates. The SLC can also be reused many times if desired or used as a one way shipper. SLC are made from 7/16" on grade OSB sheet material and are supplied with a heavy duty pallet base.

The unique slot and tab design provides a durable shipping container. Individuals may load from the side with only two or three panels secured! No more lifting over the sides to load your pallet boxes or crates! Simply apply steel or plastic/nylon banding around the container when loaded and this will lock the panels together as one container.

Standard and custom sizes are available without any tooling costs. Variations of the container may also be produced. Click here for more details or call 952-944-9124 for further information.

Dan Schultze, VP
Packnet Ltd.
1172 Cliff Road East
Burnsville, MN 55021
Phone: 952-944-9124
FAX: 952-944-9105
E-mail: [email protected]

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