Small-Item Conveyors

Small-Item Conveyors

Conroll offers conveyors with individually powered rollers on 1.5” centers for low pressure accumulation of goods as small as 3”. The drive system is based on employing plastic spools on a powered mini-lineshaft connected to each roller with round polyurethane belts. The spools transmit sufficient torque to drive the carrying rollers but slip upon overload. The result is low pressure, low noise, and low power consumption. Even small and unstable products can be conveyed.

Between frame dimensions can range from 6” to 24” and speeds are easily adjusted from 10 to 80 feet per minute. Power is derived from energy efficient 24 VDC motors. The line-shaft is housed completely within the extruded aluminum side frame so there are no exposed moving parts, other than the rollers themselves.

Typical applications are for books, paper goods, cans or beverages in 6 packs, and larger cans and pails for paint, vegetables, chemicals or other ingredients as well as batteries and consumer electronic items. Even heavy goods such as auto batteries and consumer electronic items are easily conveyed with minimal pressure build-up.


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