Small but Powerful Motor Controllers

Small but Powerful Motor Controllers

Kollmorgen’s ACS GEN6 Motor Controllers are available in a variety of voltages (24, 36, 48, and 80V) and power levels (5-50kVA, 2min) to suit various types and sizes of electric vehicles. Utilizing the latest MOSFET technology in combination with an innovative design concept, the new ACS GEN6 is up to 47% smaller than previous generation controllers, without any change to the power rating.

The latest MOFSET technology reduces the requisite number of mechanical components, maximizing reliability. Smaller size enables OEMs to place the controller more freely within the vehicle to reduce cabling and mounting costs.

The software platform enables Kollmorgen to customize software to meet specific customer requirements. Improved granularity and adjustability of the event log, as well as advanced logging, are firmware features that bring value to both OEMs and end-users by allowing detailed and accurate troubleshooting information to shorten vehicle downtime and minimize service costs.


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