Small-Space Storage and Retrieval

Small-Space Storage and Retrieval

SencorpWhite’s MicroVert, a small space storage system for medical device and instrument, pharmaceutical, and high-value inventory management. It brings warehouse strength storage capabilities to smaller space applications, including pharmaceutical sample management in physicians’ offices, and medical device and instrument management in healthcare facilities.

Genesis software enables the system to adhere to CFR Title 21, Part 203 guidelines requiring that drug manufacturers record each type of sample pharmaceutical distributed to a licensed physician, the total number of samples distributed and to whom, and report any sample pharmaceuticals unaccounted for.

The MicroVert is powered by 110 volt “wall” power and has 10 cubic feet of capacity with 8 pans that can be divided into 8 sections, for a total 64 individually controlled discrete locations per machine. Each pan can store 50 pounds for a total of 400 pounds per MicroVert. There are two doors and nine individually controlled opening configurations.


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