DJProducts, Inc. has just introduced a new kind of automated equipment that revolutionizes the way carts, equipment, and materials are delivered in manufacturing and warehousing environments. We wanted to be the first one to show you our new "vision guided" SmartCaddy.

The SmartCaddy is the first low cost automated vehicle for delivering carts, pallets, and wheeled equipment that DOES NOT USE TAPE, WIRES, OR LASERS to guide its path. It takes ONE simple walk through of the desired delivery path with the SmartCaddy, and it will repeat that same path as many times as needed. That's what makes it a SmartCaddy!

The SmartCaddy can be used as both a walk-behind electric tug for pulling heavy carts and wheeled equipment and as a automated vehicle for transporting the same payloads throughout your facility. It's affordable, flexible, and can be set-up for automation in a MATTER OF MINUTES, not months!

Please view the video to see a short demonstration of a SmartCaddy being trained-in and then pulling 2 heavy carts on the same path. If you would like to discuss an application at your facility that might be ideal for labor savings by utilizing a SmartCaddy, please visit or contact us at 1-800-686-2651. We would be happy to bring a SmartCaddy to your location and show your folks how quickly/easily it can be set-up to pull your carts, pallets, and wheeled equipment.

If you have a heavy push/pull application and would like to consult with a DJProducts, Inc. engineer, or would like to discuss their FREE DEMO TRIAL PROGRAM, please contact them at 1-800-686-2651 or go to

DJProducts, Inc.
1009 4th ST NW
Little Falls, MN 56345

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