SOUTHFIELD, MI - December 6, 2006 - Schreiner Label Tech today announced the introduction of their new SmartCap System, a unique and flexible application designed to replace plastic housing closures that protect electronics, such as mass airflow meters or crash sensors, from dirt and moisture. Schreiner's SmartCap films also shield electronics from static electricity and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Schreiner's SmartCap solution replaces traditional, molded covers with a customizable film that can be applied using pressure sensitive adhesives or by using laser or ultrasonic welding. The unique and innovative design reduces production costs and increases productivity since components can be enclosed quickly with minimum investment or space required.

SmartCap allows electronics manufacturers to choose the application technique that best suits their particular production process for smooth and cost-effective integration. Unlike other housing closures, SmartCap films allow for the integration of additional functions. Examples include pressure compensation seals and EMI shielding, as well as authenticity protection solutions and other security features. SmartCap film closures comply with the highest IP protection classes and have been confirmed in environmental simulation and mechanical resistance tests according to common OEM standards.

Due to its reel storage capabilities, the Schreiner SmartCap also helps to optimize logistics. In addition, the film can be TTR (thermal transfer ribbon) printed. This eliminates the need for additional labels and thus yields further cost savings - an additional benefit of the Schreiner SmartCap system when compared with more conventional solutions.

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