Traditional passive RFID tags have under-performed in metal rich environments, limiting their utility. But, the new generation of SmartMark™ tags from William Frick & Co. are pushing the envelope with advanced designs, proprietary inlays and unique constructions.

"Many applications for supply chain and materials management require RFID tags with long read ranges, durability and reliable read-rates while mounted on a radio-interfering metal surface," explained Jeff Brandt, Executive Vice President of the Libertyville, IL-based company. "We've developed SmartMark tags and labels with materials, antennas and other components to meet these demanding applications with the smallest possible product footprint."

SmartMark metal mount tags include offset, fully encapsulated, domed and unique Snap-around designs. With ranges of 5' to 12' using hand-held readers and much longer ranges when read by fixed mount readers, they offer users a reliable Generation 2 passive solution to their metal mount challenges. They can be customized for specific applications and William Frick & Co. regularly develops prototypes for it's diverse list of major manufacture clients.

For a full catalog of SmartMark durable RFID tags and labels contact William Frick & Co. at (847) 918-3700 and talk with one of their experts or visit

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