William Frick and Co. has expanded its line of durable RFID tags to include rugged floor tags. Designed to withstand the demands of high-speed warehouses, logistic centers and high-traffic retail environments, they identify critical areas, track pallets and displays and help keep tabs on inventory and assets.

Already widely known as leaders in durable, long-lasting labeling, the company's SmartMark™ RFID tags and labels use passive UHF Gen 2 inlays and are easy to integrate into existing systems.

"We've seen significant growth in our logistic center, warehouse and retail business over the past few years," explained Jeff Brandt, Executive Vice President for William Frick and Co. "Our SmartMark durable RFID products make it easy for managers and staff to find what they're looking for and speed up workflow. Plus, we know how to build solutions that last - even on the dock or in harsh environments."

Expanded product line gives managers additional options
Frick's line of RFID enabled products include compliance labels, ceiling, wall or pole-mounted placards, signs, rack-mounted labels and removable tote tags. The SmartMark™ series of durable RFID tags and labels can incorporate barcode and human readable characters to help managers merge technologies and meet compliance mandates. By carefully selecting inlays and materials, custom tailored read ranges can be designed to suit your application. With more than 30 years of experience building durable solutions, Frick can help you build a passive UHF system to track all your critical assets and inventories.

For information regarding all of William Frick and Company's quality products and services, visit or call 847-918-3700 and speak to a sales representative.

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