SmartPick Controller

Little Rock, Ark. – SpeasTech has introduced a new pick-to-light control unit that offers plug-and-play functionality and can be used as a stand-alone controller or driven by a PC attached via Ethernet, USB or RS232. Named the SmartPick™ Controller, the new solution is priced at less than $1000, about half the company’s other control systems.

The SmartPick Controller is a trainable system for up to eight bins. As a stand-alone unit, it will record a picking sequence and then repeat that sequence as a pick-to-light function. When used with a bar code scanner, up to 32 picking sequences can be facilitated. When driven by a PC, the number of available picking sequences is infinite.

Used with SpeasTech automated pick-to-light solutions, the SmartPick Controller, directs a pick by illuminating an indicator light at the correct bin, then automatically turning off that light when the pick is made. If an incorrect pick is attempted, a sensor detects it and sounds an audible alarm.

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