SofTak 326

Cincinnati, OH - Michelman’s newest non-skid coating for paper, SofTak® 326, will perform at an angle of skid of up to 45º. It is ideal for use on slip/tier sheets, where it will reduce or eliminate product slippage and shifting of palletized loads during transportation. Common uses are in the packaged goods, produce, and furniture industries. SofTak® 326 is also used in a variety of other applications that call for a high coefficient of friction (COF) with or without limited water resistance.

SofTak® 326 is water-based, non-blocking and can be repulped in both acid and alkaline systems. It is gluable with hot-melt or cold-set adhesives, print receptive, and very easy to apply using conventional coating equipment such as blade or rod coaters.

For more information contact:
Global Headquarters
9080 Shell Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236
1-800-333-1723 (US & CAN)
1-513-793-7766 (Worldwide)
1-513-793-2504 (Fax)
Christy Randolph
[email protected]

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