Software Provides Decision Data on Demand

MARC Global, a provider of continuously adaptable supply chain execution solutions for complex environments, has introduced MARC 3D, Decision Data on Demand. With the growing volume of RFID and other real-time information generated through most business operations, it is now more important than ever to leverage analytics capable of turning insights gained from key performance indicators and relevant real-time events into action.

The software provides multi-dimensional views of key business operations via a personalized control panel that displays real-time alerts, analytics and reports. Users are able to monitor a variety of key business indicators focused on optimizing inventory, labor, space and asset utilization.

The software is a revolutionary approach to representing decision data, on demand, enabling executives, managers and operators to continuously improve performance. It accomplishes this using the same base information presented in a personally relevant and actionable way, thus aligning all people within the business around the same overall goals. The system automatically extracts key data points from all aspects of the warehouse management system (WMS). It also can integrate content from across enterprise systems using advanced Web-services technology. It then stores this information so that action can be taken before the value of the information perishes.

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