Software System Eases the Transition from Physical to Digital Music Distribution

Classical music distributor, Naxos of America is following the crescendo of music labels using the Independent Online Distribution Alliance’s (IODA’s) Digital Distribution Dashboard (D3) technology platform to distribute and manage its distributed labels' music online. The agreement also includes extended digital distribution of Naxos' label catalog of more than 70,000 tracks to select digital service providers.

D3 provides an easy, fast, and low-cost solution for physical music distributors to offer digital services to their label clients. Distributors can have a custom-branded implementation of IODA's Rightsholder Dashboard tools and distribution platform. IODA takes care of all licensing, encoding and delivery, and accounting functions on behalf of the distributor and provides promotion and marketing support. Other current D3 include Allegro/NAIL, Synergy Distribution, Outside Music, Tonevendor Distribution, Inertia Distribution,, Sonic Rendezvous, and KSD Music. \

"D3 continues to help indie [independent] distributors make the leap from physical to digital distribution quickly and easily," said IODA founder and CEO Kevin Arnold. "We have seen outstanding success with classical music online and are pleased to be involved in helping Naxos of America make the most of their digital business initiatives."

"As Naxos continues to position itself at the forefront of the digital landscape, we are proud to join the distinguished artists, labels and distribution partners of the IODA network," Jim Selby, COO, Naxos of America, Inc. "IODA is a key player in the evolution of independent music distribution and promotion, and Naxos of America is excited to expand the online presence of its award-winning catalog and the music of its distributed labels through this partnership with IODA and its D3 service."

IODA has also inked deals with Harmonia Mundi (Paris-based classical label group); Six Degrees (eclectic San Francisco-based world label); World Music Network (UK-based label of the Rough Guide music series); Haenssler Classics (German classical label) and Arabesque Recordings (New York-based classical and jazz label). These deals in conjunction with the Naxos of America D3 partnership significantly expand IODA's offerings in classical and world music.

Source: IODA

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