Sokymat Supplying RFID Tags to TrenStar U.K. for Beer Keg Tracking

The percentage of kegs owned and managed by TrenStar in Beverley, United Kingdom (U.K.) is now close to 70 percent. Sokymat filled an initial order of 1,200,000 TrenStar-branded tags. TrenStar’s RFID-enabled container management system, TrenStarCM, tracks the location of each beer keg and collects information including usage data, enabling better control, visibility and asset utilization for the sake of securing the distribution channel and making it transparent to the customer. In order for draught beer to reach retail outlets, a sophisticated logistics network must run from the breweries through the distributors and wholesalers all the way to where it is consumed. In countries where draught beer consumption is the highest, tracking the containers that are delivered to pubs, bars, restaurants, etc., involves a major effort. Only through an efficient keg management system can a brewery ensure the timely and effective delivery of its product while remaining competitive on the side of costs. Sokymat developed a special ferrite core-based transponder for TrenStar’s beer keg tracking application using Philips Hitag S 2k-bit series IC chips. The new read/write tag features an advanced anti-collision algorithm, and operates effectively even in metallic environments. Moreover, Sokymat and TrenStar developed a customized packaging solution that protects the electronic component from the massive mechanical stress to which it is subjected throughout the keg’s lifecycle, in particular during washing and filling operations.

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