Solutions for Services Organization Shows Solid Growth Despite Sluggish Economy

BOSTON — The market for services execution and control solutions is growing at more than 15% annually, and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, says a new report by Aberdeen Group, a leading market analysis and positioning services firm.

The report, Services Execution and Control Market Analysis, examines changes in the services market and how they are affecting the development of integrated enterprise solutions. The term "services execution and control" (SEC) describes the different solutions that manage both internal and external services-centric organizations. These solutions provide greater visibility into operations, giving executives the tools to better plan, sell, execute, charge, and analyze services- and project-based work.

"Over the past two years Aberdeen has seen significant growth and market expansion for solutions that help automate and optimize the delivery of project- and services-based work," said report author David Hofferberth, research director of Aberdeen's SEC practice. "Changes in the services economy, ranging from increased financial scrutiny, overseas outsourcing, and changes in how services organizations operate, dictate that the types of solutions and the people who use them are changing," he added. These changes are especially significant in internal IT divisions, where CIOs now use SEC solutions to manage their business more proactively.

In this report Aberdeen discusses how SEC solutions are affecting a variety of industries and especially internal IT organizations. Aberdeen also describes the benefits obtained and costs to deploy these solutions. "This market shows quite impressive growth when compared to other enterprise solution markets. Aberdeen continues to see double-digit growth when other solution markets have shown little or no growth. However, the days of 70% growth are gone. Executives now want to see a fast payback for their IT dollar," Hofferberth said. "And one of the major reasons the SEC market continues to grow is the quantifiable benefits it delivers," Hofferberth added.

For more information about Services Execution and Control 2003 Market Analysis, visit or call (800) 577-7891.

Founded in 1988, Aberdeen Group is the trusted advisor to the Global 5000 for value chain strategies and technology advice.

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