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(Owings Mills, MD) United Sortation Solutions (USS), a material handling innovation leader, announced today that the company will showcase three of the most cost effective and space saving material handling solutions in the market, at the upcoming NA 2008 Conference, which will be held at Cleveland’s I-X Center April 21-24, 2008.

System integrators, end users, and conveyor resellers are invited to tour the USS booth (No.3027), where they will be able to view the following modular designs and solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into any material handling system:

• Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC): A compact design created to work in conjunction with custom work stations or transport conveyor in distribution, retail and manufacturing, which enables bi-directional vertical movement of totes or boxes using quiet, reliable, and efficient belt actuator technology. The VRC is capable of being configured to input and output product to multiple elevations. Incorporated into the VRC is an optional device that can alter product direction by 90 degrees. Using our patent pending right angle transfer device allows the VRC to convey parcels in six directions- up, down, left, right, forward and backward.
• Vertical Indexing Conveyor (VIC): An innovative device that transfers totes vertically in one direction, using an indexing motion. The VIC has the ability to move totes or cartons onto and off of the indexing conveyor at multiple levels. Its design allows for vertical transport without sacrificing its high throughput rate, easy maintenance and quiet on demand operation. The VIC is reconfigurable to maximize flexibility.
• Precision Turning Unit (PTU): A revolutionary method to maintain product orientation while diverting or merging. Saving valuable floor space in crowded facilities, the PTU can be incorporated to move totes or cartons to adjacent conveyors at 90, 180 or 270 degrees or can be incorporated with standard conveyors to merge, divert and sort product at any angle.

United Sortation Solutions ( specializes in integrated design, development and manufacturing of material handling machinery. USS provides custom solutions from standard components, reducing maintenance costs and increasing efficiency, safety and productivity. Headquartered in Owings Mills, MD, USS has overcome material handling challenges for companies throughout North America and Europe.

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