Sorter Upgrades Restore Aging Equipment

Sorter Upgrades Restore Aging Equipment

Intelligrated offers an upgrade program for all North American installations of Intelligrated sorters, including IntelliSort, FKI Logistex, UniSort, Crisplant, Mathews and Buschman brand equipment. Upgrades optimize system capacity and throughput, improve equipment utilization and extend system life for a fraction of the cost and downtime associated with a new installation.

Upgrades begin with an audit of the existing system, followed by a full analysis of multiple upgrade, retrofit and rebuild options, developing several solutions to customize the application based on facility or business requirements.

Equipment improvements can range from replacement of obsolete components, installation of advanced functionality to meet changing product needs, expansion or a complete overhaul of machinery. Upgrades also provide the opportunity for parts standardization, reducing cost and streamlining maintenance requirements. Adaptive control enhancements offer increased throughput and visibility, while software upgrades ensure compatibility with the facility’s current operating system. Add-ons, such as advanced preventative maintenance and diagnostics software, are also available.


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