SP 3500

New Bremen, Ohio, January 2, 2008 – Order picking methods are designed to maximize productivity and accuracy while reducing cycle time. Crown designed its SP 3500 Series Stockpicker to help achieve individual order picking goals through increased operator confidence. From pallet handling to picking at heights to transporting, Crown’s SP 3500 Series provides the stability, safety and security that leads to increased productivity.

The SP 3500 Series Stockpicker also includes Access 1 2 3® Comprehensive System Control – one of Crown’s Technovations. The system offers industry-leading performance backed by Crown. As conditions change, Access 1 2 3 allows the stockpicker’s systems to communicate in real-time, automatically making any necessary adjustments in braking, steering and linear speed for smooth acceleration.

Access 1 2 3 technology also works with the Crown-built AC motor and AC traction control to provide safety advantages and to maximize vehicle performance.

Crown's linear speed control, a standard feature on the SP 3500, optimizes travel speed at height eliminating the wasted productivity of competitors' stepped speed control.

The stability of the SP 3500 is enhanced with Crown’s Load Path Stability Design, which distributes force evenly through the mast, platform, frame and drive unit of the entire stockpicker. “When they are working at heights, stockpicker operators can feel like they are working from the ledge of a three-story building,” said Product Manager Maria Schwieterman. “Crown designed the SP 3500 to provide the security and flexibility operators need to meet the demands of the application and warehouse.”

Ergonomically, Crown’s twist grip control distinguishes the SP 3500 from competitors with a pivoting joystick control. Similar to what is found on motorcycles, the twist grip is more comfortable to use. Designing the control this way allows the wrist to move naturally and lowers the risk of an operator engaging in unwanted travel. This control handle also features Crown’s finger cam that enables easy directional change with a relaxed grip.

Visibility is increased on the SP 3500 Series through a larger platform window that gives operators a wide-screen view of the warehouse. At heights, operators have a clear view of picking locations and intersecting aisles. At lower heights, there is no obstructed view from the mast.

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