Space-Efficient Lift Table

Space-Efficient Lift Table

Herkules’ EnKon electric-hydraulic scissor lift table has a 10,000 lb capacity and a lowered height of 16” with 30” of travel, a 48” x 96” platform, and high-strength, thick, tubular steel scissors.

The simple push button up/down control pedestal also contains the external power unit, enabling the lift table to have a lower closed height. A check valve is included within the high-pressure gear pump head, allowing the operator to stop and hold the lift system at any position during normal operation. The motor is 230VAC, 3HP, 60 Hz, 3 phase, NEMA-4 rating.

A unidirectional flow control is included as a secondary safety measure in case a hydraulic line is accidentally cut.

EnKon Systems

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