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Separating and defining large work areas, walkways, and inside loading docks has long been a challenge for Plant Operations and Safety Managers. The SpanGuard Safety Barrier from Rite-Hite provides a substantial visual and physical barrier. Available in 30' and 60' clear opening widths. For opening widths less than 30' or 60', excess curtain remains in the storage cylinder.

SpanGuard’s unique tensioning system, utilizing a 20:1 gear ratio crank, along with vertical fiberglass rods every 10', allows the curtain to be easily tightened and creates a clean, aesthetic appearance. Its 200 lbs resistance force keeps people in their place and withstands inadvertent lift truck bumps without damage. When needed, SpanGuard’s curtain can be removed by one person in one or two minutes; repositioning the curtain in its barrier position is just as easy and quick.

For more information on the SpanGuard Safety Barrier and to view video, please visit or call 800-456-0600.

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