Spanish Language RFID White Paper

FKI Logistex (St. Louis, MO), a provider of integrated material handling systems, announced the availability of a new RFID white paper translated into Spanish. RFID for the Real World discusses the challenges and opportunities for RFID implementation in the warehouse and distribution center environment, including distribution facilities serving manufacturing operations.

As detailed in the white paper, widespread adoption of RFID material handling technology faces several hurdles in the near future. These challenges include cost, uncertain market standards, and technological limitations that have yet to be overcome. RFID for the Real World suggests that hybrid bar code-RFID systems will be the norm for years to come. Bar codes and other printed data remain as backup in case of the failure of RFID controls.

"FKI Logistex believes that material handling and supply chain managers need to take a pragmatic stance when evaluating RFID technology," says Steve Ackerman, president, FKI Logistex North America. "While RFID has long-term potential to revolutionize material handling and supply chain dynamics, the technology looks to us to be in its nascent stage."

RFID for the Real World

FKI Logistex Media Center

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