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Collierville, TN - Modeled after the Spectra™ stretch wrapper, the SpectraMAX stand-alone automatic system is designed to increase the efficiency of packaging operations by eliminating the need for the forklift operator to get off the vehicle to wrap a load. The SpectraMAX automatically attaches the film on the load to begin the wrap cycle. When the cycle is finished, Orion’s proprietary automatic film-tail treatment cuts the film and a wiper attaches it securely across the load. This eliminates the need for the forklift operator to do this manually, cutting another labor step out of the packaging process. While the load is being wrapped, the driver can retrieve another load or tend to other tasks.

With a maximum load weight capacity of 5,000 lbs. and a turntable rotation speed of 14 RPM, the SpectraMAX can meet the demands of even the busiest loading docks efficiently and economically. Designed to unitize pallet loads with as little stretch film as possible, the SpectraMAX uses Orion’s proven Insta-Thread™ Power Prestretch carriage, offering a standard pre-stretch rate of 260%.

For more information, contact: 100 Crescent Drive, Collierville, TN 38017; Tel: (901) 888-4170; Fax: (901) 365-1071; Email: [email protected]; Web:

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