Speedy Void Fill

The Sealed Air Quick Shot Delivery Solution integrates with Sealed Air’s Fill-Air 2000 and Fill-Air Cyclone inflatable void-fill systems to speed delivery of the bag chain. The result is more bags with less motion and input required from operators, enabling them to pack more per day with less effort.

The Quick Shot Delivery Solution retrieves cushions from a bin fed by a Fill-Air 2000 or Fill-Air Cyclone system and delivers them directly into boxes on the packing line. Operators adjust the bag replenishment dial to begin. This establishes the number of bags that the system will automatically replenish after the operator tears or tugs on the bag chain. If the operator sets the system up to replenish four bags and they tear four bags from the chain, the system will automatically advance four more bags to be ready for the next carton. In the instance that the operator needs more than the four bags, they give a slight tug on the side of the bag chain to deliver the additional desired number.

Sealed Air
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