Split Case Order Fulfillment

Split Case Order Fulfillment

Dematic’s RapidPick System for high performance split case order fulfillment uses the goods to person design. It is engineered to deliver split case items to an operator in a configuration that allows pick rates of up to 1,000 line items per operator, per hour. It allows high pick accuracy because only one SKU is presented to the operator at a time, in the desired sequence. It’s ergonomic since the operator stays in one place and only picks in the “golden zone.”

The RapidPick System is made up of modular mechanized components: replenishment stations, pick stations, racking, and the inventory staging buffer module. The software manages the SKU inventory, replenishment, and directs the order fulfillment process including monitoring the staff.

Using a 30 to 65 percent smaller footprint, high density cube utilization is achieved using a Multishuttle inventory staging buffer module. The Multishuttle is made up of carriers that travel in a modular rack structure, typically with one carrier on each level, accessing the inventory on both sides, single or double deep.

If order volume increases, the system can be expanded by adding more pick station modules, Multishuttle carriers, and racking.


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