Spool Handler

Paxton Engineering has developed a spool handler attachment for fork lifts, which allows the operator to actually "See" where the spool is located, even 18 feet in the air. This allows for the precision placement of spools by watching a video monitor and utilizing a joystick right on the forklift. This has resulted in both increased productivity and worker safety.

1. The handler can pick up and place spools ranging in size from 125 lbs to 650 lbs. The handler as shown is currently being used in the carbon fiber industry and appears to have a broader application, based on the increased safety, ergonomic advantages of the unit and the production speed enhancement.
2. Vision comes from a camera actually mounted in the nose of the spool handler, which sends a picture to a video screen mounted on the forklift near the operator.
3. The operator is able to use this camera to locate the spool, pick it up, and place it in its intended location (in this case a creel for processing carbon fiber) without the assistance of a "spotter" on the ground. This has reduced workforce requirements, as well as reduced risk in the workplace.
4. Each unit is designed for the specific interface with each forklift and is a custom item integrated into the forklift system. For further information contact Paxton Engineering at 916-344-7511 or email at [email protected]

Paxton Engineering has been developing prototype material handling systems and equipment since 1973. Paxton has provided custom robotics for many industry leaders. (See our website - wwwpaxtonengineering.com)

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