Spring Water Bottler Shifts to CHEP in Canada

The shipments on CHEP are being made from the FernBrook facilities in Milton and Shelbourne, Ontario, to supermarkets across Canada.

FernBrook, which makes its own bottles as well as fills them, previously used a pallet program that caused production problems due to low quality pallets and resulted in significant lost pallet charges. The CHEP program, which has been used by Canadian manufacturers and retailers for 25 years, is also helping FernBrook reduce product damage while simplifying its pallet management processes.

“We want a pallet program that is transparent to the production process,” says Bob Elliott, president of FernBrook. “It should provide us with the high quality pallets we need to efficiently manage our supply chain.”

For more information about this program, please visit: www.chep.com.

Report compiled by Clyde Witt.

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