SPS Commerce Signs Burlington Coat Factory

St. Paul, MN, July 29, 2003 -- SPS Commerce, the leading Supply Chain Integration Service provider, today announced an agreement with Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation to provide the national department store retail chain with SPS Commerce's Enablement and Management Program to electronically integrate their supplier community. The enablement program includes the opportunity for Burlington Coat Factory suppliers to utilize SPS Commerce's EDI Testing Service or one of its hosted transaction services to meet Burlington Coat Factory's electronic order management requirements.

SPS Commerce will enable up to 4,000 suppliers to conduct electronic purchase transactions with Burlington Coat Factory. Many larger suppliers are likely to use the Testing Service to certify their existing solution, while smaller suppliers can choose to employ SPS Commerce's hosted Transaction Service, reducing the economic and process burdens inherent in the traditional transaction methods of paper, phone and fax or implement a traditional electronic solution.

"Like any competitive retailer, we need to make smart technology decisions that impact the bottom line," said Brad Friedman, vice president of Information Services for Burlington Coat Factory. "The flexibility of multiple order management models, combined with the numerous, cost-effective offerings for suppliers, makes SPS Commerce a tremendous partner in our effort to streamline processes while improving communication throughout our supply chain."

"Burlington Coat Factory is a prime example of how customers can leverage the power and capabilities of our hosted services," said Archie Black, CEO of SPS Commerce. "Many retailers are realizing that they can maximize savings and efficiencies through multiple order management models, while still bringing suppliers the best options for e-commerce through SPS Commerce and our suite of services."

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